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CountryWoods Pepper Baenen
Status: Active as of March 2nd, 2013
Australian Shepherds are an all American breed! Believe it or not, these dogs did not originate in Australia but rather in American. They are a herding breed with bobbed tails. The "no tail" is their distinguishing feature. Aussies are highly intelligent. They excel not only in the fields herding sheep and cattle but also in other dog sports. Frisbee, Agility, Fly-Ball, Rally, Obedience... you name it, they can do it.
     Pepper is a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. He was born and bred in the central part of Michigan by an AKC registered breeder. Right now he is ten years old and just starting out in the dog sport of agility. In the early part of his life, Pepper did extensive obedience training and a little bit of rally with my mom. (Pepper did not really like to hold the plastic dumb bell in his mouth, so that was short lived.) Right as we were going to get into Agility, my mom fell in love with the sport of tennis. Pepper's dreams of being an Agility champ were put to the side. When I moved home from college to complete my degree at a local college, we picked up Agility to get some exercise and have some fun.

Good dog.

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