Monday, January 21, 2013

Pepper Can Do That!

The Michigan Winter Dog Classic was this weekend. Of course, I wanted to go. There were going to be confirmation events, rally, obedience, and even some agility competitions. But best of all, there was a chance to bring Pepper to his very first dog show. And there was an agility seminar for him to do whilst there!

OMG been waiting in line for like an hour (literally). Do I look annoyed or what?

Pepper made lots of friends while we waited for a million hours for our turn. We met a 9 month old Corgi, a tiny Border Collie, another Aussie, and an assortment of small dogs/terrier animals. My little sisters came into the ring to do a little work themselves. Susan especially wants to do some work with Pepper. I figured, hey, why not? Pepper was extremely well behaved during the whole show. He wore his head-collar for like 5 minutes before he settled down and I put on his buckle collar. I wish we could have been off leash in the ring but there were other dogs/the ring wasn't fully closed. Can't have Pepper potentially terrorizing the entire dog show...

Pepper does the table because he is a champion. Marie and Susan watch us expectantly.

After our escapades in the ring we got to see the pros do agility just down the row. That was pretty cool. I was almost positive Pepper could do it. The course didn't seem terribly difficult though I didn't know was class was running at the time (novice, open, excellent, etc.). While we were in line, one of the trainers from our class recognized and came for a chat. She thought I had brought Pep to do the actual agility course! I wish... We are good in class but we aren't exactly ready yet. After Beginner's Agility is over, I'm going to gauge him and put him in a few fun matches. If we perform well there and well in Intermediate Agility, off to compete we go!

On another somewhat related note, I ordered a "team" sweatshirt. Its unclear if its super cool or super crazy-dog-person-cool. I guess we will find out. Either way I am excited to get that in the mail! I am mulling over the possibility of selling AussieDogAgility merchandise. In the future, me thinks.



We are going to look really professional at matches now.  :P

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